Royalty Free Trap Beats For Sale

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Trap Beats

Royalty Free Trap Beats for Sale

Here you will find Royalty Free Trap Beats For Sale in a variety of different styles to fit your specific needs. All Trap Instrumental Beats are arranged with hook and verse sections ready for your vocals. Just play the track and record your vocals right on top. You will get a direct download link to your Trap Beats after your purchase, so there’s no waiting.

If you like Trap music then you came to the right site. Our beats are produced by top producers that have years of experience in trap production. Your rap songs need a professional sound and we have it, all for a low price. We are adding new trap beats weekly so check back often. These top quality Trap Instrumental Beats are made with care and will be a sick compliment to your lyrics. Make some hot trap music with our beats and get it on.

If you are a rap artist, these beats will get you in the right direction for your mixtape or promo. Make demos and give em out. Get some recognition for your recordings. Impress an A&R executive and show off your talents with a trap instrumental.

After you buy these industry beats for sale visit our Artist Resource Blog. To find out more information on Jason Aro of KloudNineMusic click here. Make sure to visit the License Info page if you are curious about licensing. Read testimonials from artists who have purchased beats from us and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

What’s the difference between Lease and Exclusive?

Leasing Rights

Leasing rights give the music artist a certain amount of uses per lease. Once it runs out, the customer would need to buy another lease for the same beat. You can give out as many units as you can, it’s really all up to you. Another thing about leasing is that the producer can sell the beat to multiple artists, as long as nobody buys the exclusive rights to it.  It is a cheaper price for the artist, because this is meant for mixtapes and promos. Usually, you wouldn’t want to lease a beat for albums; it would make much more sense to buy the exclusive rights because you don’t want to hear another rapper have your beat in their album, too.

Exclusive Rights

This gives the music artist sole ownership of the beat, and unlimited use of it as well. The producer cannot sell this to anybody else and must take it down from sale. An exclusive beat will be more expensive in price because the artist gets full ownership, and can do whatever he pleases to the instrumental. The producer will give out a high quality version of beat, including an MP3 and WAV form as well. Also, they may give you a tracked-out version of the beat so that you can easily mix your vocals into it. This will make it easier for the artist to make the song turn out well, because he can mix the vocals in the beat, and not just sit it on top. You would usually use this for an album or something very serious like turning it to the record labels. I hope you now know the differences between the two kinds of licenses, but let me know if you have any questions!
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