How To Build Your Music Fanbase

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    What you’ll learn:

    • How to make money from your music
    • How to collect four different royalties from youtube How to collect all your digital royalties

    • How to collect your performance royalties
    • How to collect sync royalties
    • How to monetize your music
    • How to distribute your music
    • How to build a fanbase
    • Social media marketing
    • How to get free music videos and photos
    • Best practices for building a mailing list
    • Easiest and most inexpensive way to sell merchandise
    • Sponsorships
    • Importance of an electronic press kit
    • Offline promotion
    • How to legally sell cover songs
    • How to get your music video onto t.v
    • How to get free exposure for your music
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    • No knowledge required, but you must be willing to learn and have hunger to succeed.


    Did you know you can get paid from youtube views? I’m not talking about monetizing your youtube account, I’m talking about music royalties. There are four different royalties you can collect on youtube alone! And on top of that, eligible partners can monetize on their youtube channels too. Did you know you can monetize on SoundCloud and facebook?

    This is just a few of the ways you can make money from your music. I’ve made thousands of dollars writing songs for companies, YouTubers, game developers and individuals all around the world! Th best part is that I am an unsigned artist, and I will show you exactly how I’ve achieved everything I have. Wonder why I would share this knowledge with other artists? Well, in this business you need to have a USP (unique selling point). A unique selling point is what makes you different to your “competitors.” Once you have your USP you will know which audience to target and market to. There is enough to go around for everyone if you know what you’re doing.

    Unfortunately, most artists don’t know how to build a fan base, get exposure and make revenue from their craft. They hope an a&r or record label will stumble across them and make them rich and famous. Realistically chances of that happening are like winning the lottery. A&Rs are looking for artists who have built a buzz and already have a fan base.

    This how to build your music fanbase course will teach you the knowledge and a deeper understanding of the music business so you can leverage your resources to build a fanbase, get your music heard and make money from your music. You will need little to no budget in order to achieve what is taught in this course.

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