Free Instrumental Beats

May 25, 2019 by kloudninemusic - 0 Comments

By offering free instrumental beats, I am giving you the opportunity to ‘Try-Before-You-Buy.’


  1. To use a free beat click the green down arrow on the player.
  2. You will be prompted to follow me on a social network in order to download a beat.
  3. If you wish to use a beat for profit use, then you must purchase a license!

Free Beats Policy

Only download the Beats for use in non-commercial and non-profitable projects. By offering free beats, I am giving you the opportunity to ‘Try-Before-You-Buy.’ Use these to write, record and experiment with your music. You are allowed to post the final result on your social channels or sites as YouTube or Soundcloud to see if your song is worth investing in a license. The Free versions are ‘tagged’ with a voice tag for security reasons. By purchasing a license you will receive an untagged versions regardless of the license you decide to purchase.

You are not allowed to download Free Beats for..
– Use on mixtapes or albums
– Use in Radio- and TV-Broadcasting or any airplay possibility
– Use in live-performances or any other public use
– Any profitable projects

Any unauthorized use of Free Beats, including reselling and modification are considered as a direct violation of the Copyright Act of 1976. KloudNineMusic reserves the right to take legal action or pursue financial compensation as a result of any breach or violation on our ‘Policy.’

If you have any questions about the statement above. Please refer to my FAQ page or send an email.

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