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Artist Resources Page

Artists Resources

It can be hard when first starting off in being a music artist/entrepreneur. I know this all too well.

At one point I was there too. When I started off I didn’t have any of these tools, nor did I have the knowledge to use them.

After some research, time, and dedication I acquired these tools one by one to help me with my online music business goals.

I recommend these tools because I have use them to help me with my business needs.

If you read my blog, you’ll notice that I will refer to this page quite often! I suggest bookmarking it for your reference and convenience. Enjoy these Artist Resources!

Disclaimer: Some of the links below are referral links , at no extra cost to you I will earn a small commission if you decide to purchase these products. Since I have used all of these products online for my own websites I have confidence in my recommendation based on my own experience with these companies. If you do go through my referral link thanks for your support.


MAHOGANI MEDIA is the brainchild of multi-faceted media professional Kristi Woodard. MM caters to those needing creative services, specializing in: PHOTOGRAPHY (portraits, seniors, couples, engagements, weddings), VIDEOGRAPHY (music videos, mini-docs, promos, short films) and CREATIVE CONSULTING. MM also provides Social Media Management, Media Marketing and Promotions, Media Training, Creative Writing and Virtual Assistance. To check out our Media Menu (including prices) go to


Aweber is an awesome tool i use for my mail list process. The first time you sign up, you will get a full month use of Aweber for free! Personally im using Aweber now for more then a year and i did some good comparisons on other email management providers. Aweber fitted best for me. I love the templates, which can be easily adjusted and all the extra options like “follow ups” and broadcast messages. If you are looking for a good email marketing provider, you can’t go wrong with Aweber. Click Here


Songcast let’s you sell your own music on iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, SoundCloud, Google Play, Amazon Music & more. SongCast is the fastest and best way to distribute your music to aWorldWide audience. You can even use SongCast Radio to promote your music online. People from all over the world will be able to listen to your music, and you can use this radio network as a platform to promote your music to them. Today Only – Get Music Distribution for $1.99.

DistroKid is an online music distributor for independent artists. It’s the fastest way online for independent artists to get music into some of the top music stores and online streaming websites. It’s very affordable compared with some of the other online distributors. It also has other features like legacy options just in case anything happens to you Distro Kid won’t take your music down so your family can continue to earn from your royalties. Get 7% off Distrokid using my referral link here.


Music Xray puts musicians, song owners, producers, performers and songwriters directly in touch with mass exposure opportunities and with professionals who can help them improve, give advice and career coaching. Over 1,000 songs & acts are selected for opportunities each month in TV and Film! So what are you waiting for? Sign up for FREE!


Artist Resources

Fiverr has to be an underrated resource for hip hop artists. I feel that a lot of artists are not using Fiverr to it’s potential. There are tons of quality hiphop blogs on here for just five dollar submission fee. Also if you are in a tight budget you can get mixtape graphics , mixing and mastering, vocalists, DJ Drops and Music radio submissions! Click Here


Artist Resources

Crowdfire is social media management, simplified. Crowdfire helps you discover and schedule content, and manage all your social accounts from one place. You can schedule all your posts in advance and publish them automatically at the best times or at times chosen by you, saving you tons of time and effort! I currently use this tool to schedule all of my social media posts months in advance Click Here


Udemy has the world’s largest selection of courses.
Choose from over 100,000 online video courses with new additions published every month. Their music business courses cover tips for commercial and professional songwriting, music management, filing copyrights, negotiating music contracts and royalties, and selling music online and off. They have music industry professionals teaching the skills that will help you land music industry jobs, and make money as a professional songwriter or band. Not to mention their courses are super affordable and high quality. I’ve taken around maybe 30+ so far! Click Here

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